How to Report Abuse

Reporting abuse is a helpful way to ensure inappropriate content is removed from World To Build. When an asset is reported it is submitted directly to our moderation team who then decide whether the content needs to be removed from the website. It is important to understand how to report abuse because it may appear differently on different parts of the site.

Reporting a World

Games that violate our Terms of Service can be reported by clicking the icon listed at the top right corner of the description. From there a drop down will appear indicating the option to Report Abuse.

Reporting a Forum Post

If a forum post or reply violates our Terms of Service, you can be report it by simply clicking the label or seen in the bottom right corner of the post.

Submitting a Report

When submitting a report you will be prompted with the following screen, as well as an information box containing the content you wish to report.

When writing a report it is best to be as specific as possible, as this can help our moderation team when making decisions. The first step is selecting a category the content can be labeled as. The current categories are as follows:

  • Spam or offsite advertisement

  • Suggestive or mature content

  • Asking for or sharing personal information

  • Self-harm or suicidal discussions

  • Discussing moderation or account history

  • Profanity or attempting to avoid content filter

  • Dating

If the content you are reporting does not belong in any of these categories, please select Other or uncategorized. In this case it's highly recommended your report is very specific. Information provided in a report is used by our moderation team to contextualize the content and thus remove it from the website.

In this case that you are unable to report an asset, send our support team an email at