Contest Types

During ongoing contests, players can participate in a few different events that World To Build provides. At this time, there are four contest types that players can participate in.

World Contests

World Contests involve both building and scripting. Through this type of contest players are tasked with using the World Builder to build and design the best world fitting unique specifications. For instance, during the Haunted House Hunting world contest users were expected to create the best haunted house.

Design Contests

These contests are primarily focused on artistry and is the broadest contest type. Design contests can simply require players to create World To Build fanart, while the other asks that they fulfill a specific task. For the annual Ugly Sweater Contest players are responsible for designing and uploading an ugly christmas sweater to the World To Build Marketplace. Other design contests, such as the Item Design Contest have players create their own sketch of an item they'd like to see on World To Build.

Video Contests

As suggested by its name, video contests involve video-making and editing to fit unique specifications. At this time there has not been an official video contest.

Story Contests

Story contests are usually hosted through the World To Build Forums. The first story contest ever hosted was the Short Story Forum Contest, the contest winners can be found here. During the contest players are given a prompt or set of guidelines to follow and make a story based in the World To Build universe.