Account Verification

The verification program has been temporarily disabled until completion. As a result, all verified accounts have temporarily been stripped of their status until the feature is activated again.

Account verification is the process of having an account verified on World To Build. Verification displays aicon next to a player's nickname or username in various parts of the World To Build website.

What is the verification program?

The verification program was designed for high-profile individuals that often fall victim to impersonation. Such individuals may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Social media influencers, such as a popular YouTuber, Twitter user, TV personality, streamer or musician.

  2. High profile players that have developed a great enough following on World To Build to require verification.

  3. World To Build employees, staff, or partners.

How can I become verified?

At this time, account verification is invite-only. If World To Build believes a player account requires verification or meets certain criteria, that player will be contacted about their verification status.

Other Information

The verification program is still being developed for our platform and will include changes in the future. At this time, player's are not able to request verification status, nor are there any official criteria to be met to receive it.

World To Build staff determine the criteria a player needs to meet in order to be verified, but this will change in the future as we continue to develop this program.