Clothing Moderation

Pending Clothing

When uploading clothing, items that you submit to our website are required to be reviewed by staff members to ensure that content abides by our terms of service. In the meantime, your clothing item will not be able to be worn by users or yourself, and those clothing items will not appear on the shop for users to see.

While your clothing item is pending, you will see a pending review image in the place of your item's thumbnail. Once the item pends and passes moderator review, your clothing item will show the proper thumbnail.

Denied Clothing

Clothing that violate our terms of service, contain profanity, obscenity, sexual content, personal information or real life images will be denied. If you notice that your clothing item has disappeared from your inventory and clothing page, it likely means that your item did not meet our requirements and was denied.

Check your inbox! When a clothing item is denied, you will receive a notification from World To Build informing you that your clothing item was denied and a refund has been given to your account. If you would like to learn why your item was deleted, please send us an email at with your clothing template attached and we will inform you on why it violated our terms of service.