Player Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to World To Build! World To Build is an online social platform where players can come together to build and code awesome games, trade in an interactive market, meet new friends, design their own 3D avatar, and much more!

Before we introduce you to the behavior we expect of our players, you first need to read and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service. Our Terms of Service can be visited at the following link:

At World To Build, we value the safety of our community and like to maintain a kid-friendly atmosphere on our website. In order to accomplish that, we have created these Player Rules and Guidelines that all players must follow whenever they interact or otherwise socialize on These rules and guidelines apply to all portions of the website, Discord, social media, and real life events hosted by World To Build.

We want to be honest and upfront with you. We ❤️ our community, but we love the safety of our community even more. Please take the time to read this set of rules and guidelines so that you are aware of what is and is not allowed on World To Build. If you choose not to abide by these player rules and guidelines, your account may be suspended or terminated.

Set an Example

We expect all players to behave in a manner that is appropriate for everyone. Our website is designed for kids and teenagers, and certain content or behavior may not be appropriate for players within these categories. When you are playing or interacting on our website, please remember:

  1. Be nice to everyone, including those you do not get along with. A nice attitude goes a long way, even to those that you do not get along with. No one is going to get along with everyone they meet, and we understand that, but going the extra mile to get along on our website is a requirement we just cannot ignore. If you are in a disagreement with another player, simply leave the conversation or work together to develop a solution to the problem.

  2. Do not use profanity, or try to bypass our content filters. Profanity has no place on our website. Adult language cannot ever be used in good ways or ways that are productive. We have a text filter system that monitors all player text and reports inappropriate words or phrases to our moderation team for review.

  3. Report inappropriate material or content and keep our community clean. Never, ever, ever publicize or give inappropriate content attention. Bringing inappropriate content into the spotlight can cause other players to see the content and we do not want that. If you see inappropriate content, please report the content so that our content moderators can take care of it.

  4. Engage in the community and create a fun atmosphere. Venture out into the world of the unknown and explore games, get to know other players, and make friends! Don't be afraid to get out there and show off your creations, your personality, and what cool things make you, you.

How to Report Content

We offer several ways to report content that may be abusive on World To Build. All user generated content can be reported to our content moderators by clicking on the "Report Abuse", "Report" or red flag icons on such content. All reports against content submitted by our players are reviewed by World To Build staff for appropriateness. Certain content may be edited, altered slightly, removed, or left alone depending on the outcome of the review.

Content can only be reported by a single user at a time until the content is reviewed. While the content is pending moderator review, players will see the messageThis content has already been reported to our moderators and will be unable to report the content again. It is important to note that we sort player reports by severity and the order in which they are received, so certain content may be reviewed faster than others.

If you feel content is questionable, or are unsure if it breaks our guidelines or terms of service, please report the content anyways and allow a moderator to review it. This way we can go the extra mile to ensure questionable content is appropriate for our community.

Community Forum Guidelines

Our Community Forums are a place where we allow our players to engage in discussions pertaining to certain categories. These forum guidelines are in addition to our Player Rules and Guidelines and our Terms of Service. Please follow these guidelines when participating in online discussions:

  1. Post in the correct forum. Ensure that you are posting in the correct forum at all times. We have separated our forums in order to provide players with a variety of topics to engage in. If your topic does not fall into any of the categories that we have provided you with, your topic may not be relevant to be discussed on World To Build.

  2. Keep your posts relevant and meaningful. Do not create posts just to create posts. If you are creating a new topic on our forums, your topic should be meaningful and engaging. No one wants to see a post titled "hi" and bodied "hi". In fact, our content moderators classify such posts as spam and can result in your account being moderated.

  3. Do not spam or advertise on the forum. Spam, links to other unapproved websites, links to raffles or giveaways, or additional advertisements are not allowed on World To Build. You may only link to approved websites, such as:

    1., (World To Build's content delivery network), or any other link ending in *;

    2.; and

    All links posted may be reviewed by our moderation staff to ensure content posted is appropriate. You must abide by these player rules and guidelines whenever you are sharing content on approved links. If you post inappropriate content on the approved offsite links, your account may be suspended or terminated for violating our guidelines.

  4. Do not post about inappropriate or sensitive topics. Some content just isn't appropriate for World To Build. To keep our community safe, we do not allow topics that are inappropriate in nature to be posted on our forums. This includes topics related to real life events that are inappropriate or not kid-friendly.

  5. No profanity. Like, ever. We do not allow any type of profanity to be posted anywhere on our website, especially the community forums. We have content filters in place to block certain words or phrases. Do not attempt to bypass this filter with disguised text or symbols or your account may be moderated.

  6. Do not post debates, or topics that start arguments. Topics that are sensitive in nature, or have the potential to start an argument are not permitted on World To Build. Such topics include religion, politics, or controversial subjects from the past or present.

  7. Do not post topics that are harassing in nature. This includes creating topics aimed towards a certain group or individual whether harmful or not. We do not allow any topics that discriminate or harass based on any of the following protected statuses:

    1. race;

    2. color;

    3. religion or creed;

    4. physical or mental disability;

    5. national origin or ancestry;

    6. sexual orientation or gender identity;

    7. age; or

    8. veteran status.

    Player accounts that violate the above rule will be terminated.

  8. Do not post about your personal information, including moderation history associated with your account. Some information just isn't mean to be shared with the public. Never include any personal information or information associated with your moderation history on the forums. Information that we do not allow to be posted consists of:

    1. moderation history;

    2. billing information on your account;

    3. your full name;

    4. phone number;

    5. address (such as your state, town, or street);

    6. real life photos of yourself or others;

    7. your email address;

    8. your password(s); and

    9. other personally identifiable information.

  9. Do not post or encourage inappropriate posts. Giving inappropriate posts attention or replies only allows additional players to see the content. If you notice an inappropriate post or reply, please report the content quietly and help us make World To Build a better place.

  10. Do not post scams or misleading giveaways. We are directly referring to "buy this and u get 50,000 bux1!1!" scams or "buy this to be entered into this giveaway" posts. These are not allowed. Additionally, do not post about giving away your account. You are not allowed to share or give away your account.

Forum Moderators/Administrators

World To Build staff and moderators are official employees that maintain our website and keep it safe for our players. Listen to what they say. They are ninjas on the prowl and will moderate players who violate our player rules and guidelines or community forum guidelines.

Our staff members are governed by guidelines and rules different from those we have in place for our players. That being said, they may post information or links not otherwise allowed in our player rules.

World To Build Staff and Employees

World To Build staff and employees, otherwise known as Administrators or Moderators, are official staff that work for World To Build as a job. World To Build employees can be identified with unique icons and titles that differentiate them from regular players.

You may never, at any time:

  • impersonate World To Build staff, employees, or claim you are an administrator or moderator; and/or

  • create icons, images, clothing or games that mislead users to think you are World To Build staff.

You may always:

  • reach out to staff for questions about features or how to use them; and/or

  • contact our moderation team about inappropriate material or situations you encounter on World To Build.

Though all staff appear to be the same at a glance, some employees work outside of the realms of our moderation staff and are not able to answer questions pertaining to content on our website. Additionally, World To Build employees are not allowed to discuss information associated with player accounts, moderation against accounts, or information related to purchases (such as billing support) on the website.

All inquiries regarding account support, account information, or billing inquiries must be emailed to