Unauthorized Charges

Card holders may see charges they do not recognize on their billing statement that are related to World To Build subscriptions or payable services. This help document was designed to assist our customers and players with common questions or concerns they may have about charges they did not authorize, or do not recognize.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see a charge from a company I do not recognize after making a payment to World To Build. Why is this?

World To Build is owned by Happy Ninja Games, LLC. Some charges may contain different descriptors for legal reasons. Charges from Worldtobuild.com may appear on your billing statement as any of the following descriptors:

  • W2B




My card was charged without my permission. What can I do?

If your card information was used without your approval to create a purchase on our website, it is a direct violation of our terms of service and will not be tolerated. World To Build accounts linked to unauthorized purchases can and will be terminated for unauthorized use of credit card information.

For the protection of all players, all payments are processed through our merchant Stripe. All payments are checked for fraudulent activity, but not all methods are 100% reliable in any circumstance. Our team reviews all transactions that take place on our website to ensure that they do not appear fraudulent. All transactions appearing to be fraudulent are immediately refunded, meaning you may see a pending "refund" or "reversal" on your billing or bank statement immediately after a purchase is made.

World To Build is committed to protecting players and customers against fraud and unauthorized payments that take place on our website. If you notice a charge that you are not familiar with or you suspect may be fraud, please reach out to our support team at help@worldtobuild.com. Our support team will review the charge and refund fraudulent purchases where necessary.

Additionally, fraudulent charges are immediately reported to better improve our back-end processes to prevent additional fraudulent activity, and all player accounts linked to fraudulent purchases are immediately terminated from our website.

Our goal at World To Build is to please all of our players and customers. There may be times that payments are not recognizable or were not authorized by you. We understand that situations like this happen, and we like to work with our customers and players to resolve these types of situations. If you notice a questionable charge or transaction on your billing statement that you do not recognize, feel free to reach out to our support team at help@worldtobuild.com.

If you believe your credit card information has been or is being used without your permission on our website, please contact us at help@worldtobuild.com. We ask that you contact us directly to resolve your issue before contacting your bank about charges you did not authorize. World To Build will refund fraudulent or unauthorized charges and delete all player accounts involved.