Request a Refund

We aim to please all players, and part of our commitment to that is allowing users the ability to refund certain purchases made on certain payable services.

Refund Requests

You may request a refund by navigating to your account settings page and accessing the boost tab. Players will only be eligible for refunds on memberships less than 24 hours old (or one day). If your membership is older than 24 hours (or one day), you will not see a Request Refund button in your account settings.

We have recently made changes to our refund request system. Please read carefully as our refund request system has changed slightly:

Previously, a player's membership was paused at the time a refund request was initiated. However, currently, a player's membership is no longer paused and they will continue to receive membership benefits until the refund request is reviewed.

Please note: All refunds are subject to review, and we have the right to refuse refunds to any user for any reason. Regardless of the approval or denial of your membership refund, when you request a refund, your automatically renewing membership subscription will be canceled. All refund requests will be processed within 7 business days.

Refund Abuse or Misuse

We allow users to request and receive refunds in order to maintain a relationship with them. However, if it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you all together.

An example of refund abuse would be receiving a refund on a membership subscription, and immediately purchasing the same membership subscription shortly thereafter. Refund blocks are placed on accounts where refund abuse is detected during refund review.

Refund Exceptions

We will not refund any of the following purchases on services, content or assets as outlined below:

  • Purchases for accounts that are terminated for violating any of our guidelines or rules, such as our terms of service, will not be eligible for refunds requests.

  • Player accounts will not be refunded, credited, or otherwise compensated for funds spent on assets, images, clothing, games or additional content on our website that are removed or deleted for violating our terms of service or for any other reason.

Membership Transfers

In the instance that an account is terminated with an active membership subscription, players have the right to request to have the remainder of the active membership subscription moved to a new account.

For verification purposes, players must contact us at from the email address associated with their terminated account, and that same email must also be connect to their new account. Membership transfers are not guaranteed. Like refunds, we have the ability to refuse membership transfers to any player for any reason.

If a membership is transferred, it will be ineligible for refund or transfer on a player's new account. If a player's new account is terminated with remaining days of a membership subscription that has been transferred, they will not be compensated, refunded, or receive an additional membership transfer.

Non-refundable Payable Services

Certain Payable Services or website purchases we will not refund. Subject to applicable law, the following will not be refunded for any reason:

  • Purchases on virtual currency (Bux / Bits); and

  • Purchases on virtual items created by World To Build, other players, or any other user-generated content on our platform.

Refund Types

All refunds from World To Build are issued in US dollars. This is because World To Build operates in the United States of America. Additionally, all purchases on our website are in US dollars and currency conversion is automatically applied by your credit card issuer at the time of purchase.

Generally, all refunds are processed back to the original method of payment. However, there are circumstances that refunds cannot be issued back to the original method of payment. In these circumstances, your account will be given account credit in the dollar amount for which the purchase was made. Account credit can be used to purchase additional Payable Services on World To Build.

In the event that payments are refunded in account credit, the account credit will be available immediately after your request is approved. However, if your refund is approved and refunded back the original payment method, the refund may take some time to process. Credit card refunds may take 3-7 business days to process back to your card.

Please contact your bank if you have not received your refund after one week.

Billing questions? Send our support team an email at