Canceling a Membership

Players that have an active Boost Membership subscription on their account may choose to cancel their membership renewal at any time. By default, all memberships are set to automatically renew unless the player chooses to cancel such renewal.

Players may cancel their active renewing subscription by accessing the boost tab in their account settings and clicking on the button next to their membership status. For security reasons, players will be required to confirm their membership cancellation before it is final.

If your cancellation is successful, you will receive a notification that your membership renewal has been canceled and the button will change to thebutton. Additionally, your membership expiry will be shown at the top of the page.

It is important to note that cancelling a membership renewal does not cancel the membership entirely. Canceling a membership renewal simply means you will not pay for a renewal, but your account will keep the remainder of your paid subscription and benefits until it expires. There is no way to remove a membership from an account entirely.

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