wtb.Learn is a library of tutorials and guides on making games and things in World To Build

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Learn Game Development with World To Build

World To Build is a free online sandbox where users can make games for anyone to play! In wtb.Learn we've created a library of tutorials for beginners, experienced, and even advanced developers. Here you can learn anything from the very basics like creating a trampoline, all the way to learning how to program your own zombie defense shooter!

Many of the skills learned on World To Build can be transferred to making your own games outside of our platform! We like cool things. The tutorials and guides we create here are to help developers learn and improve upon skills that allow them to create their own cool things. Our goal as a tool used for learning is to teach the fundamentals of skills such as Level Design, Programming (and bug fixing!), and rudimentary modeling [through building with blocks] so that everyone can enjoy making and playing games.

Builder's Cove, one of the first maps built!

Game Design

One of the most important pillars of game development is game design and level design. If you're an avid game player, you've probably seen your favorite game get many updates to things like..

  • Maps

  • Damage of weapons

  • Menus / UI (User Interface)

  • Abilities

All of these things are products of game design! With games created for entertainment, game design is responsible for making sure the game is fair and fun to play for everyone.

In World To Build, game design can be found in places like building, scripting, and even the idea for your game! In this series on development, game design is taught alongside everything we make. If a tutorial is creating a sword fighting game, an important part of the game is making sure the game is fair and fun for all players - that means tips along the way explaining why the map is made a certain way, or why the damage is lower or higher, or even why we may decide to add health regeneration or not.

Game design is not always something that is obvious.. sometimes good game design is hard to do, and we believe it helps to have meaningful reasons behind the things we create. Speaking of creating..


Most games need things, and in World To Build, we create many of those things through building! In World To Build, you are armed with an arsenal of shapes and components to make almost anything you can imagine!

Accompanying our blocks, builders will often find themselves using Components, a built in set of add-ons that can be attached to any block. For example, if you're building a trampoline, builders may find that the Bouncy Component would be a very easy way to get the trampoline to bounce up players that jump on it, rather than having to script the bouncy effect.

With many games in World To Build needing their own maps and objects, builders have the difficult task of not only making those things, but doing their best to have those things look good, match each other, and follow principles of good game design.


Scripting, or programming, is one of the essential parts in any game where stuff happens. Scripting in World To Build allows developers to make things move, change, and make the game come to life! Scripting is needed to make guns shoot, to make zombies chase, to make timers and score counters, and so much more!

Programming is often really intimidating for those that don't know how it works. It can feel like reading a new language for the first time, but that language is also a new type of math! With this tutorial series developers that are just starting with programming (or as we call it, scripting!) will be greeted with beginner guides that introduce the developer to programming before even worrying about using their programming skill to make things happen in-game.

In World To Build, we program our games through scripting in a modified version of the Lua language. Lua is one of the easier to learn programming languages available, and still allows experienced developers to make incredible things. While we only use Lua in these tutorials, programming is a skill very similar to learning a different language; meaning that once you learn one programming language, it's often very easy to learn your second, third, and 100th!


So whether you are new to game development or have been around for a while, the most important lesson of all time is that you should never stop learning. Take a look at our tutorials and create something incredible!!